Senior Angular Developer - Slovenia

Job description

We are a multinational team of IT specialists who thrive on a challenge and are always looking at developing the next BIG thing. We are currently working on a very exciting Fintech project and utilising using the latest technologies.

The role is focused on innovation and involves development of our software suite that includes investments,  online trading and banking software.


  • Use the latest Angular and associated technologies 
  • Work in an exciting, energetic and agile environment
  • Learn and use cutting edge tools and technologies to solve challenging problems
  • Work closely with other team members to design and develop real time systems
  • Ensure that application components align with the application architecture and performance goals
  • Identify and address application and data issues that affect application integrity
  • Suggest initiatives that improve working efficiency and quality


  • At least 3 years experience writing javascript code
  • At least 2 years experience writing typescript code
  • Deep knowledge of angular trends/technologies such as RxJS, Ngrx, HttpClient
  • Strong API wiring and API debugging experience (dealing with HttpClient and HTTP proxies such as fiddler)
  • Strong experience in dealing with Angular CLI and webpack (plugins, loaders, ...)


  • HTML5/CSS3 skills 


We value and reward the contribution of every individual. We are offering an attractive remuneration package that includes Parking, Health Insurance and performance bonuses.